We do what no one else does, like no one else can

Corporate and Institutional Communication

We understand the needs of our clients and convert them into focused communication strategies with measurable objectives.

    • We design and position the reputation of natural and legal persons.
    • We evidence facts to reinforce or rehabilitate reputation, skills or behaviors before specific audiences.
    • We design lean, efficient and strategic institutional communication areas.
    • We generate attitudes related to business objectives.
    • We formulate metrics and audit results.
    • We coordinate other specialized agencies achieving better times and costs.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Bankruptcies

We make complex concepts understandable and demystify altered realities.

    • SUPPORT during the processes and transitions.
    • SHIELDING for image and reputation protection.
    • CLARIFICATION of concepts, myths and rumors.
    • DEFINITION and management of corporate and institutional voice.

Interagency and Interdisciplinary Team Coordination

We expose efficiencies, minimize re-processes, reduce times, and document actions.

    • Briefings, tenders and contracting of special agencies.
    • Results measurement.
    • Time optimization.
    • Clear trading rules.
    • Negotiation of contracts and rates.

Tools, products and systems

Information architecture and content engineering
Relationship with the media
Communication audits
Workshops, mentorships and certifications
Institutional voice manual
Crisis management manual
Spokesperson training
Monitoring and analysis systems